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On Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 3:30 pm, the Lake County Board of Adjustment will hold a
public hearing in the large conference room (Room 316) of the Lake County Courthouse. The
options for attendance are through ZOOM or in person. The hearing will include the following


Jacob Feistner of plan4approval, on behalf of Roger and Linda Winkle, is requesting an appeal of
Lake County Planning Department’s interpretation that the boat house size standards required
within the Lakeshore Protection Regulations also applies within the 50-foot vegetative buffer of
the Upper West Shore Zoning District. Section III of the Upper West Shore Zoning Regulations
states “Construction in the area between 20 feet and 50 feet of the high-water mark must be lake
related and shall adhere to the development guidelines of the Lakeshore Protection Regulations”.
Section IVE.6 states “Within the buffer strip, permitted features include walking paths,
boathouses, boat ramps and boat rail systems, as governed by the Lake County Lakeshore
Protection Regulations”. The Lakeshore Protection Regulations section 5.3(B)(2)(a) states
“Preferably, boathouses shall be located landward approximately twenty feet (20’) from the mean
annual high-water elevation; however, a minimum distance of ten feet (10’) is required”, and
5.3(B)(2)(d) states “Boathouses which are greater than twenty feet (20’) in length or width shall
be located outside the lakeshore protection zone”. Planning Staff interprets the Upper West Shore
Buffer Strip regulations to mean that all requirements of the lakeshore regulations and restrictions
of the 20-foot protection zone, apply to the 50-foot vegetative buffer unless expressly stated within
the zoning regulations, therefore, boathouses within the 50-foot buffer are limited to 20 feet x 20
feet in size. The +/- 5.19-acre property is located at 20773 Dewey Lane Rollins, and is legally
described as tract B-1, of B&E subdivision, located in section 21 of T25N, R20W.

Frank & Kat Hamel are requesting a conditional use approval to allow for independent rental of
more than one dwelling unit on a residential property. The request is associated with changing
the use of two existing glamping tents from allowed renting as a whole to renting each unit
individually within the East Shore Zoning District. The 6.2-acre property is legally described as a
tract in the NW4SW4, located within section 16, T25N, R19W.
Information regarding the agenda items is available from the Lake County Planning Dept. Written
comments received by January 2, 2024, will be included in the staff report to the board. All written
and verbal comments are welcome and will be forwarded to the board for their consideration.
Comments received after January 2, 2024, will be provided to the board at the meeting, which may
not provide sufficient time for review of the comment. Comments may be mailed to Lake County
Planning Dept, 106 4

th Ave E, Polson, MT 59860 or e-mailed: .

Please note: If you would like to attend the public hearing via ZOOM, please contact the Planning
Department at the email above or at (406) 883-7235 prior to the meeting to receive instructions
regarding how to attend the meeting virtually.

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