(Polson, Montana) — FERC analysis concludes that Energy Keepers, Inc (EKI) fully operated the Séliš Ksanka QÍispé (SKQ) hydroelectric project in compliance with the FERC license.

FERC’s Letter of February 5, 2024, states, “(W)e find that although the summer of 2023 brought a unique set of circumstances to the project, you fully operated your project in compliance with your license.”

This conclusion is based on FERC’s review of the information provided by FERC’s independent analysis, EKI’s Water Year 2023 filing, monthly operation reports, publicly available data, and comment letters.

Flathead basin hydrologic conditions in 2023 led to intense public criticism of EKI’s operations with some organizations providing inaccurate or incomplete information. EKI managed Flathead Lake levels to balance the license requirements for lake levels, drought management, flood control, recreation, and minimum flows to protect aquatic species downstream of the project.

Although it is still early in the 2024 season, current snowpack conditions are near record lows. Currently Flathead Lake is approximately 8 inches higher than it would normally be this time of year as EKI continues to operate the SKQ Project to fulfil its FERC License.

About Energy Keepers, Inc
Energy Keepers, Inc (EKI) is a is a federally chartered corporation created and wholly owned by the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) of the Flathead Reservation. CSKT are nationally recognized as a leader amongst Tribal nations for exercising their sovereign powers to preserve and protect cultural, wildlife and natural resources of their traditional homeland now and for future generations. CSKT and EKI are the co-licensees of FERC Project No. 5, the Seli’š Ksanka Qlispe’ Project located on tribal land, 4.5 miles below the natural outlet of Flathead Lake on the Lower Flathead River.

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