Multiple arrests made in multi-agency drug busts in Polson

April 26, 2022
Operation Spring Cleaning
News Release #1

Your Polson Police Department identified three houses as being interconnected in the use and distribution of methamphetamine and fentanyl. During the course of the investigation, it was revealed that children resided in one of the homes. We are committed to drug endangered children and to that end residential search warrants were executed to safely remove these children from an atrocious environment.
The warrant service took place on 4/25/2022, and was an all-day operation. Due to the risk level of the operation, numerous agencies participated in the warrant service. The Polson Police would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our partners on the Northwest MT Regional SWAT Team, Kalispell Special Response Team, Two Bear Air, Flathead K-9 Foundation, Lake County Emergency Dispatch Center, Flathead Tribal Police, Tribal CPS, and Tribal Game Wardens. The NWMRST consist of law enforcement from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, Whitefish Police Department and members of the Polson Quick Reaction Force.
13 Adults were arrested for charges ranging from criminal possession of dangerous drugs, endangering the welfare of children, drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest. Out of those 13, and four additional adults, $126K in bond amounts for outstanding arrest warrants were not served due to jail overcrowding.
The searches yielded suspected methamphetamine and fentanyl, as well as firearms and various items of drug paraphernalia. Flathead Tribal Game Wardens are also investigating possible wildlife violations as decaying wildlife parts were also seized. Two children were removed as part of a concurrent CPS investigation. Additionally numerous junk vehicles were towed and efforts are ongoing to improve the quality of life in these neighborhoods.
“This would not have been possible without the cooperation from our community, assistance from our NWMT law enforcement partners and investigation by your outstanding Polson Officers. We are not immune to drugs in our society, but we will continue to take action against drugs in our community. Especially when drug endangered children are involved. April 27th, is Drug Endangered Children’s (DEC) Awareness Day you can find out more about DEC and the new DEC phone app at “ – Wade Nash Polson Chief of Police
No names will be released at this time to protect the dignity of the children involved and to maintain the integrity of ongoing investigations.
*** For Immediate Release ***

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